About Us

AHCML espouses a conservative but service-oriented philosophy which permeates all aspects of our business – our products, service and people.

 In our everyday dealings, we draw on the core values of integrity and fairness which have been the cornerstone of our parent company. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical business practices while remaining focused on our true goal: commitment to our clients and shareholders.

 We invest significantly in technology, processes and systems to ensure the steady and timely flow of essential information from us to our clients and to enhance our own efficiency and productivity.

 We recognize that our success and ability to serve our clients stems from the dedication and competence of our people. We provide a nurturing environment which allows them to reach their true potential. We recognize their efforts and acknowledge their accomplishments. 

Our aim also is to create awareness of the benefits of investing and the available investment avenues. In pursuit of this goal, we strive to impart relevant knowledge to both our existing and potential clients through the channels available to us.