Investor Portal

It is mandatory for the Customers to receive all payments from AHCML only through crossed cheques/bank drafts/pay orders or any other banking channels in their own name. Similarly, Customers should make payments to the AHCML through "A/c Payee Only" crossed cheque, bank drafts, pay orders or other banking channels drawn on their own bank account and obtain receipt thereof. In case of cash payment (allowed maximum up to Rs25,000), Customers should obtain proper receipt specifically mentioning if payment is for margin or the purchase of securities.

However, AHCML may accept cash from Customers in excess of Rs25,000 in exceptional circumstances where it becomes necessary for them to do so only through deposit in the AHCML’s bank account designated for clients. AHCML is required to report such exceptional instances with rationale thereof to PSX within one trading day through prescribed reporting mechanism.

Client Account Updation

Clients are requested to please fill the "Account Updation Form" in respect of any changes in their particulars and send us to our registered office or email us at