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Registered as a TREC holder of the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited, AL Habib Capital Markets (Pvt.) Limited (AHCML) is a full‐spectrum financial services provider, with a current emphasis on securities brokerage, online trading, equity research and corporate finance. Adding value to our clients represents the foundation of all that we do.

The year 2005 was memorable and exciting. It witnessed the birth of AHCML, followed by its progress and growth which exceeded all expectations as the company commenced its operations within four short months of its incorporation. AHCML have, since established itself on solid footing in Pakistan’s financial services industry through the vision and leadership of its professional and seasoned management team.

AHCML is a subsidiary of

AHCML is a subsidiary of Bank AL Habib Limited (sponsored by the Dawood Habib Group), a premier commercial bank providing banking services in Pakistan for more than 25 years through a fast growing network of over 1,000 branch locations. Bank AL Habib is the major sponsor of AHCML, accounting for two‐thirds of the owner‐ship. The remaining one‐third is owned by friends and family members of the Dawood Habib Group (the Group). The Group has been historically involved in the banking sector for over 86 years. Foremost to its credit is being the founder member of Habib Bank Limited which predates Pakistan itself. Habib Bank Limited played a pivotal role in our country’s infancy by supporting its financial needs. After the nationalization of Habib Bank Limited, the Group again ventured into the banking sector through Bank AL Habib, which was established over 26 years ago.

Group Companies

Group Companies In addition to Bank AL Habib, the Group also comprises other companies which include:

  • Habib Insurance Limited
  • Habib Sugar Mills Limited
  • AL Habib Asset Management Limited

We are grateful for the Group’s immeasurable contribution to AHCML and have borrowed from its philosophy and ethics in formulating our own code of conduct and business strategy, with the desire and passion to achieve similar levels of success.

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