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Equity Brokerage

AHCML provides a spectrum of Equity Brokerage Services which are as follows;

Institutional Sales
Our Institutional Desk consists of experienced sales professionals and is backed by an insightful Research Team who provides in-depth reports on the markets. We live to serve our clients’ every exclusive need through our extensive knowledge repository. Our Institutional Desk not only ensures the timely execution of trades but also efficiently matches Block Trades between Financial institutions, Corporate Entities & HNIs.
AHCML’s Institutional Clientele includes major Banks, Insurance Companies, Asset Management Companies, and Pension Funds.

High Net-Worth Individuals Sales
This unit has devised a process-driven approach to address the needs of Clients who have unique and specialized investment needs.

  • One‐on‐one discussion to know clients’ investment objectives.
  • Investment strategy based on fundamental research and market insights.
  • Regular client portfolio monitoring and Rebalancing of the portfolio where required
  • Match/Arrange Block Trades.

Retail Sales
This is an era of newly empowered retail investors. Recent dynamics in retail investing suggest that there is an emerging class of individual retail investors with distinctive motivations and behaviors. AHCML Retail Platform not only provides conventional brokerage services but is also backed by Modern Digital Capabilities that empower new-age and conventional investors both to trade and invest at Stock Exchange conveniently.

You are a beginner (want to learn investing) or an experienced stock investor, we have the right resources for all your investment needs at Pakistan Stock Exchange

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