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For any business, sound management is the key to consistent growth and prosperity. AHCML employs rigorous standards in searching for and recruiting competent, high profile personnel from their respective fields of expertise. The market reputation of our employees provides further assurance of the quality and abilities of the management of the company.

Mr. Aftab Q. Munshi - Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Munshi joined the AL Habib Group in July 2005 and brought with him rich experience in Pakistan’s capital markets. Previously he was the Founder Chief Executive Officer of JS Global Capital Limited.

Mr. Munshi served with the Jahangir Siddiqui Group for almost 12 years in multiple roles. He headed Equity Operations for about five years, Equity Sales for approximately another five and Compliance for two years.

Mr. Munshi also served as the Director & Company Secretary of Confidence Financial Services Ltd. Confidence Mutual Fund, and Director of Security Stock Fund Ltd. and Jahangir Siddiqui Securities Ltd. He was also the Chairman of the Executive Committee of JS Global Capital Limited.

Mr. Munshi is a Management Accountant and Corporate Secretary by profession. He has/is serving on different committees/councils of professional institutes and bodies of Pakistan and has representation on several working committees of Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) Limited. Has acted as Member Evaluation Committee of ICAP/ICMAP for Best Corporate Report Awards. He is also a qualified director certified by Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance PICG and a certified member of Institute of Capital Markets (ICM). He is also a Member of MENSA International, the high IQ society.

You can reach Mr. Munshi at +92 (21) 32270525 or via e‐mail at [email protected]

Mr. Ghulam Hussain - Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Hussain is Management Accountant by profession. He brings in 23 years of experience in Capital Markets Operations. He has been affiliated with leading brokerage houses of Pakistan with 14 years with JS Global Capital Limited and 7 years with Al‐Hoqani Securities & Investment Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd. He has been associated with AL Habib Capital Markets (Pvt) Ltd, since February 2015.

You can reach Mr. Hussain at +92 (21) 32270814 or via e‐mail at [email protected]

Mr. Rizwan Hashmi - CFO & Company Secretary

Mr. Rizwan Hashmi is a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant from ACCA London & an Fellow Member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountant. He has been serving as CFO & Company Secretary of AL Habib Capital Markets (Pvt) Limited since March 2017. Prior to AHCML he also served as CFO & Company Secretary of Al-Hoqani Securities & Investment Corporation (Pvt) Limited for 4years. He brings in 14 years of experience in Financial Reporting, Financial Management & Budgeting Process. His area of expertise includes preparation of Financial Statements according to IFRS, preparation of Annual Business Budget & Variance Analysis, Back Office Treasury and Fund Management. He also has experience to deal with regulatory bodies and command over Rules, Laws and Statutes required under the ambit of corporate brokerage house.

You can reach Mr. Hashmi at +92 (021) 332270516 or via e‐mail at [email protected]

Mr. Saad Rafi - Head of Sales

Mr. Rafi joined Al Habib Capital Market in March 2018, and has almost twelve years of working experience in Pakistan’s financial markets, covering research and trading for Equities, Forex, and Commodities. Previously, he was working as vice president, equity sales and trading at Next Capital Limited.

Mr. Rafi worked with Next Capital for almost 4 years in multiple roles. He worked as senior research analyst for about 2 years, with specialty in Economy, Oil Exploration & Production and Cement sectors.

Prior to joining Next Capital, he also worked as Head of Commodity Brokerage at AKD group, managed trading, research, marketing and sales department. He also worked as Head of Commodity at ACM Gold (International Forex and Commodity Brokerage house), responsible for managing overall Pakistan’s business operations.

Mr. Rafi started his career as an equity research analyst at Invisor Securities (Optimus Capital), and holds a MBA degree in Economics and Finance from Institute of Business Management (IoBM) and currently a CFA candidate. He is also visiting faculty member at Institute of Business Management finance and accounting department.

You can reach Mr. Saad at +92 (21) 32270520-1 or via e‐mail at [email protected]

Mr. Syed Fawad Basir - Head of Research

Mr. Syed Fawad Basir has worked at senior positions in financial institutions of Pakistan with experience in both Buy and Sell side. He was also responsible for revamping Taurus Research. He held a senior position at Topline Securities (Pvt) Ltd and his experience pans over 12 years in Pakistan equity markets.

Mr. Fawad has worked with some of the very well-known names in research and is well versed with the fundamentals of the capital markets and of various sectors with his specialty in the banking, autos, OMCs, technology and insurance sectors. Fawad graduated from Greenwich University Karachi and has also attended University of Surrey

You can reach Mr. Fawad at +92 (21) 32270808 Ext:125 or via e‐mail at [email protected]

Mr. Muhammad Akhtar - Head of Digital/Retail Sales and Marketing

Mr. Akhtar is a Digital Retail Channel & Marketing Communication Specialist in the Stock Broking Industry and possesses 20 years of experience in Operations, Sales/Marketing, Branch Office Operations & Automation in the same industry. Being part of a team that developed the 1st Online Trading System in Pakistan, he closely observed the role of technology in Retail/HNW brokerage business expansion & operations.

Prior to joining AHCML, Mr. Akhtar worked with JS Global Capital Limited as Head of Online Trading & Marketing. He was responsible for all related functions i.e., Retail Traders’ Desk, Online Clients, and Client Services Department. He worked there for 7 years.

He has worked with Darson Securities (TREC Holder PSX) as Head of Online Trading & Retail sales. He initiated the Retail & Online Trading Department and established branch offices. He worked there for 6 years.

He has worked as Manager Sales & Marketing in ApplicationXS (An AKD Group Company and pioneer of Online Trading Systems in Pakistan) for 5 years and deployed Online Trading Systems in several brokerage houses of the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

You can reach Mr. Akhtar at+92 (21) 32270128 or via e‐mail at [email protected]

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